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Two BSP hydraulic hammer for new Australian coal terminal

Hydraulic piling hammers manufactured by BSP International Foundations have been in action on a major expansion to the Dalrymple Bay coal terminal near Mackay in Queensland, Australia - part of one of the largest coal exporting facilities in the world. Work began in January 2002 with completion due in this April.

Coal from the Bowen Basin in central Queensland is exported from the terminal to overseas markets, including Japan, India, Korea and Europe. The terminal ships more than 44 million tonnes per year but now a demand for increased throughput has led to the Stage 6 expansion project designed to take capacity to around 54 million tonnes per year.

Australian-based Clough Engineering Limited was awarded the A$66 million Stage 6 contract by the terminal owner Prime Infrastructure to construct and commission the new facilities. These include the construction of a 264-metre long berth with a ship loader, conveyor and drive tower, plus a 100-metre long access bridge, seven berthing dolphins and three mooring dolphins.

To undertake the piling work to drive 241 piles, Clough used two BSP International Foundations hydraulic piling hammers – an HH357-9 and an HH1146 - supplied by Steelcom Pty, the Ipswich-based company’s Australian and New Zealand distributor.

Averaging 40 metres in length, the steel tube piles were driven between seven and 14 metres into a sea bed comprising mainly weathered clay before founding in weathered rock. The piles are 1.2 metres in diameter with a wall thickness of between 12mm and 16mm. The new berth is located at the end of a 3.8 kilometre long access trestle where exposure to frequent strong winds and turbulent seas presented major engineering and logistic challenges.

The BSP HH357-9, available in a range of ram weights of 3t, 5t, 7t or 9t, was used by Clough Engineering with a nine tonne ram weight. The larger HH1146 hammer has been designed by BSP to meet the trend for more heavily loaded piles and is available with 11t, 14t or 16t ram weights. This hammer was used on the project with a 14 tonne ram weight.

The versatility and performance of the two BSP hammers were key factors in Clough Engineering’s decision to employ them on the project. The HH357-9, like all BSP hammers, is designed to operate from leaders or crane suspension, a feature enabling piling work to be carried out either on land or marine applications. The HH1146 is also suitable for such applications and has gained a reputation for reliability and performance on many large piling contracts throughout the world.

A major feature of BSP’s hammers is their high efficiency, achieved by the actuator design which allows the hammer drop weight to fall under gravity with virtually no resistance from the hydraulic circuit. The simplicity of design of the actuator enhances the operating efficiency, having few moving parts and with all hydraulic components closely coupled to the lifting cylinder. This feature provides the contractor with high output performance and above average fuel efficiency from the power source.


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