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CX Piling Hammers

The CX range of piling hammers is designed for driving a wide variety of bearing and sheet piles. Available with legs and inserts or pile sleeves for use freely suspended, or with back guides for operating from a piling mast, the CX range have the following important features:

  • Total control of hammer stroke and blow rate
  • Allows precise matching of energy to suit the pile driving requirements
  • Highly efficient hydraulic system gives low energy loss and low running cost
  • Simple, fast dolley changing
  • Cylinder and dropweight connection with shock absorber, easily accessible
  • Cage and dropweight design gives short overall hammer length
  • Available with BSP Hydropacks for optimum hammer performance
  • Can be operated directly from Hydraulic crane or excavator base
  • Can drive piles with ultimate load bearing up to 6000 kN
  • Suitable for driving Raked (Batter) Piles
Performance Data Ram Mass Max Impact Energy Blow Rate @ rated Energy Operating Pressure Hydraulic Flow Required
Model kg kNm bpm bar L/min
CX50 4000 51 46 200 180
CX60 5000 60 44 241 215
CX85 7000 83 42 260 215
CX110 9000 106 36 250 215

Performance related to use with BSP Hydropacks.

Table shows approximate weights and dimensions for the hammer configurations that are illustrated above (weight includes typical drive cap or helmet)

Typical Dimensions Hammer in configuration (A) Hammer in configuration (B) Hammer in configuration (c)
Model Total Length (mm) Total Weight (kg) Total Length (mm) Total Weight (kg) Total Length (mm) Total Weight (kg)
CX50 5020 7799 7325 9150 Contact BSP Contact BSP
CX60 5863 9159 8170 10500 Contact BSP Contact BSP
CX85 5963 11452 8170 12500 8400 14276
CX110 6380 14107 8680 15100 8910 16524

The above weights and dimensions are given as a typical guide only. Designs can vary to suit customer specific applications and pile type. Contact BSP for greater detail.


Download PDF Technical Data sheet: CX Hammer » 310Kb
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