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DX-RT Piling Hammers

The BSP DX-RT range of hydraulic piling hammers have been developed to meet the needs of Railway Infrastructure projects.  It’s design allows quick and simple mounting onto the stick of a wide range of  small Road-Rail excavators (aprox. 30T class machines).  The hammer mounts directly to the excavators bucket linkage and the attachment allows for fast erection from horizontal transport position to a vertical plumb working position.  Further side plumbing adjustment is possible to give a hammer position ±5° of vertical to deal with the cant of rail lines.  During piling the hammer is guided or crowded in the vertical position by the attachment mechanism.

As standard the hammer is fitted with a 800mm diameter drive cap which is well suited to the common application of driving 610mm (24”) dia steel tube piles used in the construction of rail electrification stanchions.   It also allows for other common pile sizes such as 457mm (18”), 406mm (16”) and 305mm (12”) steel tubes.  Other pile types and sizes can also be driven by fitting alternative drive cap options.

A typical high production piling train will use an excavator mounted side grip vibrator to place, pitch and part drive the pile.  The powerful DX-RT pile driver with its rapid blow rate is then used to drive the pile to the desired level, quickly and efficiently.

The DX-RT range of piling equipment have the following important features:

Total control of hammer stroke and blow rate
Allows precise matching of energy to suit the pile driving requirements
Highly efficient hydraulic system gives low energy loss and low running cost
Simple, fast dolley changing
Cylinder and dropweight connection with shock absorber, easily accessible
Rapid blow rate for fast driving 
Can be operated directly from the excavator base or from a BSP Power Pack
Can drive piles with ultimate load bearing up to 1800 kN

Performance Data Ram Mass Max Impact Energy Blow Rate @ rated Energy Operating Pressure Hydraulic Flow Required
Model kg kNm bpm bar L/min
DX-RT 20 1500 20 80 140 140
DX-RT 25 2000 25 80 180 150

Performance related to use with BSP Hydropacks.

DX-RT piling equipment for railways

Table shows approximate weights and dimensions for a typical hammer configuration.

Typical Dimensions







DX-RT 20 3890 600 4350
DX-RT 25 3890 600 4750

 The above weights and dimensions are given as a typical guide only. Designs can vary to suit customer specific applications and pile type. Contact BSP for greater detail.
Hammer weight includes the drive plate for 610mm dia. Rail-Track type pile plus excavator pick-up plate and crowd / tilt mechanism.
Hammer length is to tip of drive cap guide.


Download PDF Technical Data sheet: DX-RT Hammer » 310Kb
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