BSP-TEX products and services are delivered worldwide and benefit from more than 117 years of experience and engineering excellence. All BSP-TEX products are designed and manufactured in the UK and customers are welcome to visit for a tour around our manufacturing facilities. 

Piling and Ground Improvement Equipment

We produce a wide range of foundation equipment, including hydraulic piling hammers, hydraulic power packs, piling rigs, and rapid impact compactors(RIC). Our piling hammers provide an economical solution for the installation of all types of steel or concrete piles in either land or marine environments. Energy outputs range from 20kNm–590kNm and the hammers are operated from piling rigs, leaders or crane suspended. 



  • Hydraulic Piling Hammers
  • Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC)
  • Piling Rigs
  • Hydraulic Power Packs
  • Control and Monitoring

BSP-TEX Road Maintenance Machinery 

BSP-TEX road maintenance machinery division encompasses well-known brands such as Barters, Belspray, Bitmen, Bristowes, Springwood and Trojan. BSP-TEX design and manufacture all the machines and equipment in the UK. A selection of equipment is also available to hire. Customers benefit from the BSP-TEX Quality Guarantee and exceptional customer service. Contact our technical sales team for more information.



  • Barters Bar Burners
  • Barters Insertabars
  • Barters Insertajets
  • Barters Pot Burners
  • Barters Radial Burners
  • Barters Two Stage Injectors
  • Belspray Cold Emulsion Sprayers
  • Bitmen Asphalt Lining Shoes
  • Bitmen Banding Tools
  • Bitmen Bitumen Boilers
  • Bitmen Bucket Heaters
  • Bitmen Buckets
  • Bitmen Cauldrons
  • Bitmen Compound Buckets
  • Bitmen Hand Stirrers
  • Bitmen Ladles
  • Bitmen Over-Spill Trays
  • Bitmen Pouring Cans
  • Bitmen Tool Heaters
  • Bitmen V Lip Buckets
  • BP Infra Ray Heaters
  • Bristowes Chip Spreaders
  • Springwood Thermoplastic Pre-Heater
  • Springwood Thermoplastic Road Marking Trailers
  • Springwood Thermoplastic Screed Trucks
  • Springwood Thermoplastic White Lining Pram
  • Trojan Asphalt Mixers
  • Wallis Cold Emulsion Sprayers


BSP-TEX Subcontracted Manufacture

BSP-TEX subcontracted manufacturing services include light and heavy engineering, medium to high volume fabrication (incorporating sheet metal, punching, plasma cutting, laser cutting, welding, machining operations, painting, and powder coating), enclosures, custom trailers, burners, and electro-mechanical assemblies including plastics. 
BSP-TEX is part of the TEX GROUP which has manufacturing facilities across six UK sites, and BSP-TEX subcontracted manufacturing services benefit from access to the design and manufacturing capabilities of other companies within the group, especially those provided by TEX PLASTICS.