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The Voice of the UK Construction Equipment Industry.    


Make UK
Formerly known as EEF (the manufacturers’ organisation for the UK manufacturing sector). We transform our members’ ability to work, innovate and respond to climate change. 


For over thirty years, DFI has gathered professionals in the deep foundations sector of the construction industry, to create a place for discussion, inquiry and debate. In so doing, DFI has brought the disciplines together where they have learned from each other, creating a better informed, more communicative foundations industry. 


The Pile Driving Contractors Association (PDCA) is an organization of pile driving contractors that advocates the increased use of driven piles for deep foundations and earth retention systems.    


Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
As the largest independent private forum in the county, Suffolk Chamber is in a privileged position to support and represent local business interests. The Chamber, through the East of England Chambers and British Chambers of Commerce, is equipped to respond on behalf of local business to regional, national and European issues.