Trailer Manufacturer

Established in 1964, RM Trailers are one of UK’s leading bespoke trailer manufacturers. We’re based in New Alresford, Hampshire, and our hardworking team has gained a reputation for ingenuity, quality, and excellent customer service.



We specialise in the design and batch production of bespoke trailers for equipment manufacturers, coach builders, body builders, and the military. We’re also well-known for our bespoke boat trailers and innovative lifeboat and hovercraft trailers. 

RM Trailers is part of BSP-TEX (TEX GROUP) with various manufacturing facilities at our site in Great Blakenham, Ipswich. We’re capable of manufacturing heavy industrial trailers and large quantities if required.

We make bespoke road trailers up to 12m/3.5t, and plant, equipment and industrial site trailers up to 20t.



Our experience and build-quality are second to none and we use a quality management system to ensure our bespoke trailers are manufactured to the highest possible standards. We know that quality lasts longer. We use techniques, materials and finishes to guarantee longevity and only use high-quality European-manufactured parts from long-established specialist manufacturers.

We believe in providing a full-service when it comes to the supply and maintenance of our products. We therefore offer a comprehensive parts service for all our trailers, and servicing options according to our customer’s requirements.

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+44 (0)1962 732560