Control & Monitoring

BSP-TEX supply a range of control and monitoring equipment for their hydraulic hammers, piling rigs and RIC's. From simple hammer controls to GPS monitoring, BSP-TEX deliver a variety of solutions.


The BSP-TEX Hydrocontrol unit is compatible with all BSP-TEX hydraulic hammers and Hydropacks. The Hydrocontrol unit operates the hammer and may be fitted to the Hydropack, used independently, or mounted in a cab. A Stroke Watch is a useful addition to the Hydrocontrol unit and displays the energy and the stroke.

The Dialog monitor is an optional extra for BSP-TEX hydraulic hammers mounted on piling rigs. Using the monitor, the piling process can be observed for quality control and to provide a documentary record of each pile driven. The data is then transferred to a PC via Bluetooth or USB.



The Dialog monitor is also used with BSP-TEX RICs and can be enhanced with a GPS receiver option
(see RIC data sheet for more details).

JX Piling Rigs are supplied with a remote control unit (optional extra) and a control unit within the cab
(see JX data sheet for more details).


Control & Monitoring Datasheet