Rapid Impact Compaction

Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) is a technique allied to Dynamic Compaction that can be used to increase the bearing capacity of soils through controlled impact.

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The treatment is effective in the top layers typically up to 6m depth, though improvements up to 9m have been seen in some conditions. A drop weight of 9 to 16 tonnes (depending on size) is dropped onto a special foot assembly 40-60 times a minute. The foot remains in contact with the ground at all times.

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The method for efficiently covering the ground varies from country to country. A common pattern used to cover uses a track in three passes. This has the effect of achieving the best depth of influence. The first pass effecting the ground to a deeper level than the latter.

Most granular fills and some silts are compactable, the best results being achieved where the fill is well-graded particle size. An area of 800m²-2500m² can be covered in an average day (depending on the ‘blow-perposition’ setting.) This also allows time for routine maintenance and rotation of the special dolley pads located in the foot assembly which transfers the force of the blow through to the ground.

A monitor unit is used to record work done. Target criteria settings are adjusted
for final set, depth and blow counts. The driver then compacts until one of those
criteria is reached before moving the machine on. A visual representation of
the data is seen in the cab and recorded by the on-board monitor.
A GPS receiver option is available and GPS coordinates may be added to the
compaction points. This allows the data logged to be precisely allocated to real
position. Data presentations to the client can then be greatly enhanced.

RIC activities can be combined with other soil improvement techniques to provide a cost effective solution for silty/clay conditions. This essentially includes soil mixing and stone columns. To make best use of the base excavator, BSP-TEX offer a mast and drill attachment for the RIC9000 boom, that enable shallow holes to be drilled with either CFA or displacement type tools. Filled with stone, these columns can be subsequently treated by RIC to produce a more effective load bearing foundation.

  • The unit is mounted on standard excavators and can be mobilised in minutes from arrival on site

  • The machine is accurately controlled from the excavator cab and the degree of compaction electronically monitored

  • The impact foot is always in contact with the ground and eliminates the risk of flying debris. Unlike conventional DC, other activities can take place in proximity

  • The impact energy and soil deflection are recorded by the on-board computer for presentation of compaction data to site managers. The data can highlight weak zones where extra fill is required or zones where underground obstructions were present

  • RIC is potentially twice as fast and at least 40% cheaper than conventional methods.

  • BSP-TEX offers sound attenuation for its Mk.3 range of Rapid Impact Compactors.

  • Accessories for the RIC9000 boom include a MX45-8 mast, drill tools and vibroflot

Model RIC9000 Mk.2 RIC9000 Mk.3 RIC12000 Mk.2 RIC16000 Mk.2
Dropweight Mass (kg) 9000 9000 12000 16000
Hammer Energy (kN.m) 110 110 180 240
Max Equivalent Stroke (m) 1.20 1.20 1.50 1.50
Operating Pressure (bar) 260 260 250 280
Hyd Oil Flow required (L/min) 250 250 350 380
Optimum Blow Rate 35 35 35 35
Height in Working Position (m)
O-All Length in Lowered Position (m)
With Noise Suppression Features? No Yes No No
Compatible Excavators (T) 45-52 48-55 55-70 75-85
Typ Depth of Influence (m) 3-5 3-5 4-7 5-8
Datasheet Datasheet PDF Download Icon Datasheet PDF Download Icon Datasheet PDF Download Icon Datasheet PDF Download Icon
Related Power Packs N/A N/A N/A N/A
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