Bitmen Infrared Asphalt Heater 1400mm x 550mm

The propane gas-fired infrared asphalt heater is used to repair asphalt surfaces –  potholes and surface defects – quickly and efficiently.

Bitmen Infrared Asphalt Heater 1400mm x 550mm

The heat penetrates the asphalt, softening the binder content to a point where the material becomes workable. Other systems which use a naked flame tend to burn and
destroy the road surface, wheras infrared heat does not impair the quality of the material.

The heated material can be removed or – since it is not displaced in any way by the heater – may be rolled again to provide a good wearing surface. Alternatively, new
material, including pre-coated chips can be added and rolled-in to improve the road surface.

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  • 1400mm x 550mm
  • Additional sizes also available.
  • Propane gas-fired

  • Seamless repairs

  • Cover large areas quickly

  • Infrared heat does not impair the quality of the material

Other sizes can be made to order.

Customers benefit from the BSP-TEX Quality Guarantee and exceptional customer service.

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