Belspray 205L Motorised Classic Cold Emulsion Sprayer

The Belspray motorised classic cold emulsion sprayer has a 4-wheeled chassis and a 205L capacity. The tubular steel structure is strong yet lightweight and easily handled. A robust solution, suitable for most contracts and applications.

Belspray 205L Motorised Classic Cold Emulsion Sprayer

Fitted with a 5HP Briggs and Stratton engine, complete with 6:1 reduction gearbox, driving an ‘Albany’ geared pump via safety drive coupling (pump/engine) protection. Supplied with a 5 metre delivery hose, a 1.5 metre spraylance and jet, and a built-in filter/strainer.

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  • Capacity 205L

  • Vertical or horizontal drum loading

  • Motorised classic design

  • 205L capacity

  • Suitable for most contracts and applications

  • Easily handled

  • Supplied with a 5 metre delivery hose

  • Supplied with a 1.5 metre spraylance and jet

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